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To foster learning climate, we tend to set goal towards challenging employees, trainers and trainees and stimulating them to grow. However, learning will only occur when these goals meet some specific characteristics. Goals need to contain a challenge. Goals that are too easy to attain will not stimulate learning. On the other hand, goals that are too difficult will frustrate them. Leaders need to set goals that stimulate staffs and attendees to stretch themselves, but that are ultimately achievable.

Feedback is another tool manager we tend to use when challenging staffs and attendees. And the way in which it is given will have a major impact on the extent to which the training succeeds.

Creating a culture of learning at the workplace takes time. It cannot occur overnight. What we should do is, taking small steps one at a time and do it regularly. After all, maintaining a learning culture takes consistency and daily awareness.

To understand how an active learning environment is created, one need to know how the brain remembers and learns.

People don’t remember things just because they are told to; it was important to remember. The more they passively listen to, the less likely they will remember. Worse, they are less likely to do anything creative with what they are told to;