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The purpose of the Pre-Mobilization is to assist activated units and detachments in understanding Central Command training requirements prior to arriving at the intermediate location and deploying. The Pre-Mobilization & Training contains instructions on how to set up Pre-Deployment Training Program (PTP) training, points of contact, training areas Camp and base standard operating procedures.

Employability Potential Assessment;

The Employability Potential Assessment at Campus (EPAC), an employability assessment tool promises to revolutionize campus placement programs by raising their efficiency and effectiveness while significantly reducing the cost for recruiter. We are subsequently faced with the prospect of having to attract the attention of recruiters amidst a high degree of competitive clutter. Most companies have dedicated placement resources, but these resources are hamstrung or lack of access and bandwidth to attract the best quality of recruiter profile.

In this endeavor, we will assist recruiters in accessing talent through:

1) A credible tool to identify their potential employee base across institutes in the country.

2) Benchmarking data to effectively chart their hiring B-school road map

3) Customized output based on each company’s specific job requirement

4) Quick identification of the relevant profiles in each campus.

5) Reduction in the energy and money spent on campus recruitment while finding better fits.

Selection of courses / trades;

Courses / Trades are concluded on findings obtained from survey conducted defining needs of launch of courses/trades.
Surveys for need of launch of courses/trades are conducted periodically.


Our philosophy is to develop training infrastructure aligned needs of schemes and deliver training thereon. Hence, SSF has developed its own training infrastructure, which comprises of – PMKK(s) comes equipped with an indoor Administrative Setup as such; Placement Cell, Counseling Room, Reception desk, Library, Pantry AND Classrooms – trade specific, Labs – Trade specific, IT Lab – equipped with adequate numbers of computer systems and Wi-Fi facilities. The Institute has a dedicated faculty and organizes training and conferences for ZIVA and other organization as well.

Interaction with matching Potential Employers;

Close interface are maintained with potential employers and experts in the courses taught. The primary aim of this interface is to get to inputs on skill required, course content, methodology etc. The potential employers help understand the gaps in the skills required and existing pool of human resources. These identified gaps built-in in the course content will increase the existing employment potential and fetch higher income levels.

Curriculum Development & Learning;

Curriculum for each of the identified course is developed by experts. Each course curriculum are modified parties local requirements. The curriculum are balanced to proved due theoretical and practical inputs as well as exposure and on the job training to the candidates within the stipulated duration of training. The curriculum is flexible to take care of the individual needs of the candidates. The curriculum use to be update and modified periodically to suit the changing market dynamics.

Selection of Trainer;

Selection of trainers based upon the results of behavior-based interview and presentation pertains to job role rather than possession of academic degrees having prioritizing local people of the places;
We take proper care while employing trainers that;

  • Qualified trainers’ be appointed for each trade
  • Ziva has proposed a ‘Training for Trainers’ program to enable them to provide quality training.
  • Guest lecture by technical experts from industries would also be arranged to keep updating trainers with latest skills requirement of industries
  • The services of more than 200 existing proficient lab technicians and faculty of SGI be utilized to make training more cost effective
  • Highly experienced Retired faculty from ITI/ITC/polytechnic as well as from industries having an extremely good attitude towards entrepreneurship will be recruited.

Training of trainers;

ZIVA has a  pool of experts who are dedicated to designing course content, curriculum, methodology etc. Before the selection trainers get involved in the actual training process of the candidates, a thorough training would be conducted to orient them for the program by the central pool. This training would ensure uniformity in meeting the high standard setup for imparting training. The trainers would also be made to undergo regular development and fresher courses to regularly update their own skill sets.

Mobilization of Candidates;

Events use to organize with an objective to spread awareness about the programms and motivate candidates to join the course. During the half-day event, all the potential youth for employability training are assembled and the concepts of the program would be introduced to them. Application will be invited through advertisement in Local Hindi News paper, Local Radio channels as well as by distributing leaflet for Training Program.

Awareness & promotion of this program are carried out in the close association with

  • District Rural Development Agency
  • District Education officer (DEO)
  • Block Development Officer (BDO)
  • Basic Shikha Adhikari (BSA)
  • Gram Panchayat and
  • Local Social Activists

Effort are made to target candidates belonging to SC/ST and economically weaker sections of the society

Aptitude Test;
ZIVA has a scientific designed aptitude test for the candidates. This aptitude test has been designed by experts and helps assess the level of knowledge and interest of the potential candidates. All potential candidates interested in the program are made to undergo this test and based on their performance and interest; they are assigned to various courses being offered by the program.

Individual Counseling;
After the aptitude test, each candidate and their parents are counseled personally. This helps them understand the program better and clear doubts that they may have regarding the program. Counseling would also help in increasing the confidence, interest and ownership of the parents in the choice of program and course for their children.

Selection of Candidates;
Pre training activities culminate in the Selection of candidates for the training courses. Candidates are selected on the basis of individual counseling and their aptitude test. Proper care are taken that large number of the beneficiary should be from below poverty line belonging mainly from rural or semi urban areas.



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