U.P. Skill Development Mission or UPSDM has seen only four springs of its birth so far. It is in fact, a child who is growing up with a vision; vision to transform state of Uttar Pradesh and India into a warehouse of skilled, trained and well groomed human resource that is not only market and industry compliant but also sufficiently attuned to counter the challenges of the competitive economy on the one hand and provide necessary resource base to start up enterprises in meeting their requirement of professionally graduated and skilled manpower on the other.

To optimize employment opportunities and maximize livelihood options for the youth of the State by training them in demand driven employable skills, empowering them and enriching their lives, improvising such strategies that synergize with endeavours facilitating growth and development of sustainable job enabling structures which could transform the State into a vibrant reservoir of industrious and skilled manpower fairly equipped to endure challenges and countermand all concerns, thus engineering a future when every hand would be engaged and where every tomorrow would be brighter than today.


Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) was constituted in the year 2010 with the vision to increase the capacity & capability of the system to deliver quality skill training and professional knowledge to the youth to enhance their employability and bridge the skill deficit with a view to meet the growing demand for skilled manpower


Increasing the capacity & capability of the system to deliver quality skill training and professional knowledge to the youth to enhance their employability and bridge the skill deficit with a view to meet burgeoning market demand for skilled manpower.


  • To facilitate generation of adequate employment opportunities through a policy frame work.
  • To encourage and facilitate skill training for youth of Bihar.
  • To monitor generation of employment in different sectors.
  • To facilitate launching of training programmes for both uneducated and educated unemployed persons for up-gradation of their skills.
  • To formulate area and trade specific strategies for maximizing employment opportunities on a sustainable basis in the State supported by private sector.
  • To facilitate a coordinated approach in achieving the above objectives for maximizing the benefits over time and space and in reaching out the most needy sections of the population.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Bringing in additional Central Funds for central schemes not currently being implemented in Bihar
  • Creating a pool of Training centres with requisite infrastructure.
  • Creation of a standardized Process / Operational Guidelines to govern the State’s skill development efforts.
  • Creation of an ecosystem to facilitate wage and self-employment and increase employability.
  • Finalization of industry relevant and demand driven course / sector offerings. Creation of an all-encompassing robust Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for monitoring all skill development programs and the entire value chain.
  • Mobilization and Registration of Candidates through a penetrative communication and mobilization campaign to ensure registration of an appropriate number of target candidates in the state.
  • The entire skill development value chain will be made IT enabled to ensure online real time monitoring, collated reporting, effective and efficient decision making, reduced turnaround time for various processes etc. .
  • Implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning not only in Bihar but also for the migrants of Bihar at other locations of India.
  • Ensuring social inclusion through various focused pilot projects targeted at disadvantaged groups like beggars, jail inmates, women, transgender, persons with disability, leprosy cured persons etc.
  • Creation of a skill policy and roadmap for Bihar to guide the skill development efforts in a coordinated manner.
  • Ensuring Quality of skill training across the trainee life cycle.
  • Ensuring retention of beneficiaries in training program through the provision of a refundable security deposit for training.
  • Providing standardized Cost norms for skill development activities in the State in line with the common guidelines of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship.

CSSM (Centrally sponsored state managed component)